Every Type of Fan Explained

Having a fan in your home can provide a number of benefits to make your indoor living environment more comfortable and enjoyable. From keeping you cool on hot summer days to circulating air and reducing indoor air pollution, fans can play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and comfortable home. In this article, we’ll … Read more

How To Make A Fan Go Faster

How To Make A Fan Go Faster

There are a number of reasons why ceiling fans can decrease in speed over time. By carrying out a couple of easy steps, this can improve their speed and be more efficient. If these basic steps fail to work then assistance from an electrician may be needed, if this also fails to work then a … Read more

Do Ceiling Fans Cool Down A Room?

Do Ceiling Fans Cool Down A Room

Despite their long history, ceiling fans are still a commonplace item in many American homes, allowing people to beat the heat without the expense of air conditioning. But how exactly do ceiling fans work, and do they actually cool down a room? Do Fans Keep Rooms Cool? Despite their reputation, ceiling fans do not actually … Read more