Air Circulator Vs Fan: Which is More Efficient?

Traditional fans and air circulators may seem to be the same things but in essence, they are not the same. Many people do not have much idea about the air circulators and their function because they look like traditional fans but have an entirely different working phenomenon. An air circulator distributes the air in the room by 360 degrees as compared to the traditional fan which only throws the air in one direction.

The Main Differences Between a Traditional fan and an Air Circulator


Following is the complete air circulator vs fan guide;

1. Unlike the traditional fan, an air circulator keeps the air moving continuously and therefore, enhancing the temperature of the entire room. The traditional fan provides a wind-chill effect, it is only effective facing towards you. Air circulators are also very helpful in improving the ventilation of the room as compared to the traditional fans which are only used for cooling purposes.

2. Air circulators serve like an invisible jet stream. It creates 360 degrees oscillating draught that helps in the maintenance of the room temperature. It replaces the stale air with fresh air from the window.

3. The traditional fans are only effective when directly facing you but the air circulators keep the air in motion and render coolness throughout the room. The air circulator is are effective for any season and they do not like dynamics lack the traditional fans.

4. The users of the air circulator can customize the distance where they want the air to reach, it can be to the places where the air is most stiff, for instance, up and down the stairs and hallway. Moreover, pointing the air circulator towards the air conditioner distributes the air more quickly, hence it saves a lot of energy and time.

How do Air Circulators Work?

There isn’t much difference in the working phenomena of a traditional fan and air circulator but the air circulated works very effectively in bigger areas such as factories, offices, and even in bigger homes. Some people propagate that air circulator is just a fancy name given to the traditional fan for marketing purposes, however, it is unfair to state so. Just like the traditional fan, the air circulator also strides the warm air around the room, creating a cooling effect. The breeze evaporates your sweat and makes you feel chill. However, the major difference between a traditional fan and an air circulator is that the air runs all around the space and accommodates everyone sitting in the room, not just the person in front of it. Moreover, the air circulators can also be used during the winters. It can be placed in front of the heater that will help to warm up the room much faster.

How do Traditional Fans Work?

It is very important to understand that the fans do not truly cool the room, although it can be noted that it adds a little bit of heat due to the motor. The traditional fans circulate the warm and thick air throughout the room that consequently creates a breezy effect. The breeze speed up the evaporation of sweat on our body that makes us feel cool. Therefore, it can be concluded that the traditional fan works on our body and not the overall temperature management of the room.

Air Circulator Vs Fan: Which One is Better?

As stated before, air circulators are a better choice for indoors. The best feature of their circulators is that they can be used throughout the year, in every season. It can also be used in the winters when you have the heater on in the rooms. As the heat settles on the top of the room, the air circulator is very beneficial in redistributing the air throughout the room and making it warm. Moreover, the 360 degrees oscillation of the air circulators makes them a better choice to cool your room more effectively. The traditional fans cannot oscillate the air by 360 degrees which gives the air circulator is an upper hand over them.

Benefits of Air Circulator Compared to The Traditional Fan

  • The air circulator can be used in every season.
  • Despite having a similar function, the air circulator works in a much more even manner.
  • The air circulators create a cooling effect in the entire room, contrary to the functioning of traditional fans.
  • As compared to the traditional fans, the air circulators consume less electricity, therefore, you get cooling at a lower cost.
  • The air circulators do not only provide a cooling effect in the room but also moves the air uniformly to manage the temperature of the room as well.

Benefits of Regular fan

  • The traditional fans are very effective in the outdoors as compared to the air circulators. In larger areas, the air circulators do not work efficiently.
  • The air circulators are generally costly as compared to traditional fans.
  • There is a large variety of fans available in the market, whether it be in terms of design, color, or form.
  • The traditional fans are quiet and they do not make much sound while operating.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where air circulation is being used? 

The air circulators are commonly used in homes but they are often found in larger areas such as fitness centers and warehouses.

2. How to position an air circulator?

It is highly advised to place the air circulator on a place that has unobstructed upward air. You can place it in front of the window or any room facing towards the other corner.


The air circulators and traditional fans have a similar function and their distinct advantages. However, air circulators a much-preferred choice for the indoors. With less consumption of electricity, the air circulators have an excellent performance in maintaining the temperature of the room. It can also be used in winters.  The function of the air circulator is to distribute the air equally throughout the room as compared to the traditional fans, they are a much better option to keep your room cool.

The traditional fan, on the other hand, works very well in the outdoors. They are cheaper and easily operational. Moreover, the white noise can be bypassed too.

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